Beta Alanine

Beta alanine building blocks of protein and important factor in muscle growth, regeneration, and physical and mental ability

Building blocks of protein. Sounds good right? You definitely want to add those to a diet aimed at building muscle. Start with beta-alanine. Although a non-essential amino acid, capable of being produced and synthesized by the body, supplementing beta-alanine in your diet directly results in increase athletic performance and enhanced muscle growth.

Increasing levels of beta-alanine in your body through supplementation directly increases the peptide, carnosine. That increase is especially important, because higher levels of carnosine directly buffer lactic acid production during weight lifting and improve muscle contraction. For less experienced lifters, that means that your muscles will experience less stress as you lift weights while increasing the output that your muscles produce. Win-win.

You can count on a couple things to happen as you begin to supplement beta-alanine into your diet. First, muscle mass will be increased. Second, your anaerobic endurance (i.e. lifting/resistance training) will go up. And third, you will boost your explosive muscle strength and power output. Granted, none of this occurs without hard work, but with hard work and a clean diet, beta alanine can help you take that next step.

Beta-alanine is combined extremely well with supplementation of creatine, a topic my next article will be about. The combined effect is a drastic increase in lean muscle production.

Beta-alanine by itself should be dosage anywhere from 3.2 to 6.4 grams a day to achieve a lean muscle growth effect. Most supplements online or at GNC/Vitamin Shoppe are taken orally via pills that usually have eight hundred milligrams a pill. That requires taking four to eight pills a day, evenly spaced out. For example, I take two eight-hundred milligram pills in the morning at 8 AM and two more in the evening at 8 PM. Combined its two doses of 1.6 grams each spaced out by twelve hours equal 3.2 grams. I would recommend starting there and then going up as you feel that you need to.

Side effects for this product is next to zero. I have not had experienced any personally, nor have I read anything about any negative side effects in the literature. There have been studies on animals that show that beta-alanine use has decreased taurine uptake in the brain which degrades brain tissue and can cause retina degradation, but these studies are forty weeks long and use fifty to a hundred times that amount humans would use. For that reason, I would not validate these studies as cause of worry. In every short-term human trial, zero side effects have been found.

I have found beta-alanine to be extremely helpful in helping me increase explosiveness in my workouts and ability to get more volume in my workouts as well, and I think that you will as well. Both of which have lead to increase strength gains, which translates onto the athletic field, as well as aesthetic definition.

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